London, meeting Joana

On Suday, I had my 2nd day-off. So, I planned to go to London and meet Joana. I was not sure about going or not because on the one hand I really want to meet her; but, on the other hand, I was quite tired, I wanted to save some money and I have already been in London. Finally, after Joana insist a bit, I decided to go.

I took a coach early in the morning and in 2.15h I was in London. Joana arrived at the coach station late, so at first I was angry but at the end we enjoy the day together. Seguir leyendo “London, meeting Joana”

Southampton 1st day-off

I spent the day walking all around Southampton. It is an important port city of 250000 habitants. It was the city from where the Titanic left and there is a museum and some memorials devoted to the tragedy.

The thing that I liked the most in the city was the Zebra exposition. There are 47 Zebra statues distributed all around the city (in the streets, the library, the parks, the shopping mall, the football stadium, …). They are very beautiful, colourful and funny. Seguir leyendo “Southampton 1st day-off”

Daily activities

My day starts at 8 am. I have breakfast with the children who have not had it yet. I have tried porridge and it tastes really good, I will introduce it to my diet. Then I wash the dishes and some things from last night dinner.

After that, we usually play at home (guns, swords, builders, clay, mums and dads, puzzles, tents, fifa,…) or in the garden (tag, hide and seek, bubble chase, football, water fight, shops and buyers, animal collection,…). At 12, we have lunch (sandwich, brioche, waffles or pancakes).

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New family, first impressions

One week has already gone since I came here, without knowing very well what to expect. So far, I have had an amazing au pair experience.

All started through a massive au pair job search on Gumtree. I wrote to many families, then I spoke to some of them and finally I chose Gwen’s family. She looks nice and the dates and salary (120 £/week) were the most convenient to me.

IMG_2511After that, we keep building the relationship by Skype and email till I got here and they pick me up at the airport. I flew to Bournemouth, which is like 1 hour driving from Southampton, because Ryanair does not fly to Southampton. I remember that my first thought when I came here was “Wow, everything is very green!” Seguir leyendo “New family, first impressions”

Te quiero

Te quiero

cuando te pienso,

y escribo lo que siento.


Te quiero

cuando duermes,

y la calma todo invade.


Te quiero

cuando ríes,

y me llenas de luz y alegría.


Te quiero

cuando tropiezas,

y me buscas incansable.


Te quiero

cuando me miras,

y me acaricias el alma.


Te quiero

cuando lloras,

y añoras mi compañía.


Te quiero

cuando preguntas,

y me muestras tu inocencia.


Te quiero

cuando corres,

y te persigo entre risas.


Te quiero

cuando me abrazas,

y me enseñas el amor puro.


Te quiero

cuando callas,

y tu silencio me habla.


Te quiero

cuando creces,

y me descubres mis errores.


Te quiero

cuando pintas,

¡y qué sonrisas tan bonitas!


Te quiero

cuando me besas,

¡qué derroche de ternura!


Te quiero

porque me haces querer ser mejor persona,

y eso aún sin conocerte.


Te quiero y te querré siempre.